Welcome to Ulaman

A unique holistic retreat experience for people who strive to live more consciously without compromising comfort and luxury.
Dino Magnatta, a Toronto native and an accomplished business entrepreneur, fell in love with the Balinese people, their culture, religion and spiritual beliefs throughout his business ventures and travel here in Bali over the past 22 years. His goal was to create a truly remarkable retreat with an “Ubud feel” located closer to Canggu and Seminyak areas, complete with tranquil water features that promotes whole-body wellness and paired the effort with ecologically-sound practices. When he connected with Charlie Hearn in 2019, a “green” architect, it was a match made in eco-lux heaven when their ideas came together to create this unique eco-retreat.

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Reconnect With Mother Nature Without Sacrificing Luxury or Comfort

Contrary to popular notion, we believe that nature and luxury can actually go hand-in-hand. Our aim is to provide you with the ideal space, sanctuary and silence to unwind while offering luxurious amenities and impeccable service at the same time. From rice field, river, waterfalls and tropical jungle vibe into five-star dining, bespoke wooden bath tub, private pool, AC, Bluetooth speaker, Netflix and Smart TV – we have it all. Spend your day doing Yoga, meditation and spa while listening to the sounds of Ulaman river and waterfall, then return to your heavenly villas complete with the most luxurious amenities you won’t find elsewhere.  

You deserve to have the best of both worlds.

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Eco-friendly by design and practice

Our vision is to be fully committed to eco-living and sustainability principles by design and practice. This has been proven since we laid the first foundation of Ulaman until the day we opened our doors to guests. Ulaman was built using sustainable and eco-friendly earthly materials found directly on site and immediate surroundings. Most of the structures are made of Bamboo and all of the curved walls on ground level are built with ‘Rammed Earth’ – a mixture of natural materials such as earth, sand, lime and gravel – creating beautiful layered coloring. Furthermore, Eco-Conscious practices are consistently visible in our day-to-day operation. ‘Farm to Table’ concept, Organic Garden, filtered from-the-tap Well Water and Custom-Hydro Turbine System are some of the eco-initiates we have taken and will continue to do so.  

Enjoy the best vacation of your life while leaving the smallest ecological footprint.

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The heart and soul of our resort lies upon fascinating bamboo architecture visible throughout our whole compound. The bamboo structures proudly stand tall from the ground, as if they were naturally emerging from Mother Earth itself. Dramatic and bold, yet eloquent and charming, leaving a long-lasting impression for every pair of eyes fortunate enough to witness its beauty. Spectacular curvilinear roofing, aesthetic bamboo structures and uniquely shaped buildings are well-integrated throughout our whole resort, epitomizing a timeless work of art. From the ‘rammed earth’ lobby, to the cocoon-shaped entrance gate to the bamboo grand staircase, every corner is designed to give you the perfect eye-gasm.

Enter a transformative world of architectural paradise.